Saturday, August 15, 2009

stepped into a bit of busy-ness

If I saw you a week ago in the charming Upper Midwest and I made allusions to being in the middle of something important at work, that was a half-truth. It was more like several somethings. The good news: Some of those several things are completed with excellent field execution. Actual results are pending evaluation of a couple of the items, but it's out of our hands now. The less-good news: Contracts and other legal-ish aspects of what we do are tiring to deal with. They have a certain ability to suck the good cheer from any day. The legal hoops we jump through with some of our registered legal entities and subsidiaries would be quite amusing if it didn't make getting a piece of paper signed so difficult. We want to do it. The client wants us to do it. We're ready to go. They need us there soon. We need signatures!

At least we got that last main job for that big (remember: really big) client finished. Operationally excellent, but marred by some bad employee attitude during clean-up. I do so enjoy getting sternly spoken to by a client representative about one of our employees. So close and yet so far. Hopefully (yes, I know, not an actual plan), we can get through the last couple minor jobs left on that site without screwing the pooch any further.

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