Monday, September 28, 2009

cleaning, why carpet is awesome

As someone who doesn't make much of a mess and doesn't spill food (anymore) outside of the kitchen, I miss having carpeted floors in the rest of the apartment. I have tile and some faux hardwood floors in the living room and bedrooms. This is regrettable because carpet is excellent at hiding dust. But here, I see it piling up along the edges of the hallway, in the corners and breeding a fluffy army under my bed. Where, oh where does it come from? It just seems to ooze through the floors. And I refuse to mop. While I will wipe down the floors with a wet rag or sponge that works well for it, I refuse to mop. Mopping s not cleaning. It's just pushing wet dirt around. Evidently, the Swiffer has yet to break into the Hungarian market.

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mere said...

Hire a cleaning person who also does laundry and cooks too! Once every other week will do you good. You are too busy to do this type of chores.