Wednesday, January 27, 2010

not the right demographic

I like to pretend I have some sort of demographic, perhaps some expected socio-economic group that my education, profession, etc would expect me to have. I suspect this demographic is male, 25-34 years old, single, no dependents, BS degree, working professional with a relatively high percentage of disposable income. I should like sports or video games or tech gadgets or something to while away my time with that is both hip, cool, and moderately expensive. Maybe snowboarding while listening to an iPod touch and playing games on it riding up the chair lift.

And then I like to pretend that I don't fit that demographic very well at all because I don't do those things. But sure I do, or maybe I would. If I made the time. And wanted to spend the money. But your slick advertising is lost on me world, possibly because I don't own a television, or the lack of English-language print media around me, or the fact that I derive a great deal of satisfaction from not spending money. It's strange but fun to go to the store, see something I kind of like, then assess if it will actually improve my life, decide it will not, and leave with only my yogurt, fruit, and tuna fish.


scrooge said...

You have to spend money to keep the economy spinning happy!

Scott said...

Don't worry. (note: the following is to be read using a generic foreign accent): Someday you'll come visit me in my world of loose cars and fast women. Or is it fast cars and loose women?

(Back to my voice) Either way, you'll be confronted with the possibility of spending money, and you'll ask yourself if spending that money will somehow improve your life. And in that particular context, the answer will be simultaneously yes and no.

So prepare yourself for that conflict. Because it WILL happen. Oh yes. It will.