Wednesday, October 27, 2010

new computer?

Should I get a new computer? Better put, should I get a new computing device, regardless of the form factor it has? Let's be clear though: iPad is not a computing device. It is a media consumption device.

Despite my previous protestations that I was not interested in another MacBook, I admit to being intrigued by the latest MacBook Airs with their portability, improved real-world processing power, and the sexy allure of no moving parts. However, it's still a Mac which means it has all the Mac-ness intact of crappy Quicken and other software issues, keyboard commands I never master, closed system world, and the smug attitude of Steve Jobs.

I am also intrigued by the HP Slate. Well, maybe not by that specific device, but perhaps by the second or third generation when it figures itself out. However, I do want to get my hands on one to assess how significant such a small screen (8.9 in) would have on daily use. Additionally, can I get behind a touchscreen keyboard and/or a separate keyboard? Maybe, but I have little sausage fingers that need room to work. (Note: I don't have little sausage fingers. They are pleasingly ordinary.)

So, what I'm asking is, who can recommend something that is highly portable, has a long battery life, extensive processing power, can run Windows applications, and employ the good aspects of Mac user experience and security? Oh, I also don't want to spend a lot of money.

Actually, price is not a compelling factor. In the end, I'm tentatively leaning towards a Windows-based laptop and portability and reasonable power are the most relevant factors. Who makes laptops that don't suck?


Anonymous said...

slate vs ipad

If you haven't done so.

Mike said...

I have an Atom version of this:
Basically, an Acer 11.6" notebook/netbook. Mine was $350, but isn't offered anymore (and in hindsight I would prefer more processor). The form factor and screen size/resolution is much better than most netbooks, and screen is really what I care about. Still much cheaper than those similarly-spec'ed notebooks the exec's have. If you feel so technically inclined, you can replace the HD with a standard-sized SSD for the no moving parts thing.

Anonymous said...

Lang Lang concert

You can use iPad this way

Anonymous said...

the longer version of Lang Lang's iPad with SF Symphony

Get the apps.

Anonymous said...

Samsung Galaxy vs iPad

Brian said...

A tablet is probably not enough computer for me. Possibly close, but their inputs are limited.