Monday, November 15, 2010

going to paris

Tomorrow, I leave for Paris. If the schedule holds together, I will be back in Port Gentil by Thursday night. Total time on the ground in Paris to be just under 30 hours. This reminds me of my ultra-fast trip through Germany when I first started working in Hungary. I jumped through five different airports in three days and did it all out of my backpack. I have a similar backpack-only plan in store for this trip.

I will be leaving tomorrow afternoon from Port Gentil for a 30-minute jump to Libreville. From there, a charming overnight flight to CDG that lands at 0600 the next day and then a cab ride into the heart of Paris to the client office (which is near the opera house). All-day meeting, one night in Paris, then an early departure back to CDG the next day to catch a 1045 flight back to sunny Gabon. Sadly Jack, no Marrakesh for me. The party here never stops.

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buickguy said...

Ah. The tolerance of youth, who put up with such schedules! No time for sightseeing; no time for the real Paris. Too bad.