Wednesday, December 01, 2010

water utility strike

Starting last week, the employees at the local water utility went on strike. Since then, water shut-offs have been rotating through the city. We went two days at the base last week with no running water. The toilets were not so fresh during that time. Home has been hit and miss, mostly miss, as in missing running water. It's been off for at least some of day on 5 of the last 7 days and I haven't heard anything that leads me to believe the water issues have been resolved. Fun times had by all. You can all speculate on the significance and convenience of running water on your own time. Meanwhile, I'm going to use the toilet here at work before I go home in case it's not running there.

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eaudetoilet said...

On the lighter side, use the big empty plastic soda bottles. Make sure they also have lids. Once they are filled, you can take them outside at your conveniences and water the plants! On the heavier side, you can line your toilet with those un-biodegradable plastic grocery shopping bags that litters the streets and clog the canals. Just in case you don’t know how to dispose the stuff in the bag, here you can drop it in the big bushes. It makes good fertilizer too!

Start hoarding those bottles and bags. While you still have running water, you can always fill those clean bottles with fresh water for future uses.

We use those Clorox gallon plastic bottles to save water here just in case the earthquake hits. It is always a good practice to have enough water to last for 3-5 days in case of emergency.