Wednesday, May 11, 2011

politics for sale

Splendid, a commissioner from the FCC is leaving to join Comcast-NBC Universal. What makes it so splendid is that four months ago, the FCC approved the merger between Comcast and NBC-Universal. Now, commissioner Baker is leaving to go join the very company that she voted to help create. It is very difficult to have much faith in public institutions and their ability to properly regulate industry when it is so clear that the process is broken. For what it's worth, and this doesn't make it any better and actually makes it even worse, is that this sort of behavior is bipartisan. Our system is run by two parties which are both beholden to the money that lobbyists bring. And the only way a third-party can be viable is with a lot of money. Sigh.


Anonymous said...

The party system will probably never allow common sense politics that serve the needs of the many to emerge from the sea of lies, propaganda and rhetoric that serve the desires of the few who are running the show. Parties were originally forbidden from forming by the charter of the Electoral College to prevent charismatic leaders with bad intentions from persuading large blocks of voters into electing them in the age before mass media. When newspapers came into widespread distribution the charter was revised and that clause was deleted. This opened the door to all manner of greedy, power-hungry schmucks like George W. Bush.

M.O.M said...

Yes, it's pay back time a la Chicago style:

Waiver from Obamacare