Wednesday, June 22, 2011

a passing

This post was supposed to be something else, but circumstances dictate a change. It is now about a friend, or to be perfectly honest, a friend of a friend who is not returning. A high school classmate has died. An inbox full of two days of facebook group messages has informed me of the passing of Gianni Manganelli.

In high school, we were not friends per sé, but had occasion to hang out through someone who was a very good mutual friend with both of us. Gianni was quirky in the good way people use that word. However, I have not seen Gianni since high school and I do not know what kind of man he grew up to be. His eulogies will be left to others who were much closer to him as anything else I could say would only demonstrate how little I knew the present-day him.

We meet so many people, stay in touch with only some, and deeply connect with and care for just a precious few. If we're not careful, we lose touch with a lot of good people. I think I have some long overdue e-mails to write.

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m.o.m said...

I heard the news today. How sad. I remember him as a good soccer player and in the marching band with you.