Wednesday, July 20, 2011

half right

That half right bit I mentioned two days ago reminds me of one of the best lines I have ever managed to say while working. Back when I was in New Mexico, hardly the black mecca of America and especially not in Farmington, I was supervising a job and everyone else on my crew happened to be black. That also happened to be every single black person who worked at that base for us at the time including one guy who would not normally be with my sub-segment. Plus, I had a loan-out engineer trainee from Angola with me that day. Towards the end of the job, I was watching returns and standing next to a rig hand who, totally unsolicited, remarked, "So you're just about the only white boy on this crew, huh?" I replied, "Well, you've got that half right" and could barely keep a straight face. Context matters.

Edit: Apparently, I blogged about this before. Well, this post stays anyway because it's funny and relevant to the recent discussion.


buickguy said...

I agree, it is funny. And this from a too-white guy.

whole said...

Which half is better?