Tuesday, August 09, 2011

eight weeks in - on my way

By the time this posts I will have started my journey back to the U.S. from Balkanabad. First, a short flight back to Ashgabat, an evening there, then a red-eye to Frankfurt via Baku, and ending with a nice nonstop to SFO. (I can taste the airline miles and they will taste like premium status after a couple more rotations. Perhaps this time I can avoid ending up in a middle seat.)

This first hitch through Turkmenistan has been a little longer than the prescribed seven weeks and that is fine by me. It was a good run with a lot of atypical challenges which I can envision becoming typical challenges. Carrying over the sentiment from last week, this has been really great. I look forward to being back in California and I look forward to coming back here in about three weeks.

In the meantime, it's time to see family and friends, eat some different food, and generally have a good time. Maybe I'll sprinkle in just enough work to make sure I have a good transition back and all will be good.


seatJñāna said...

You didn't get a good seat this time!

Buickguy said...

The ol' Mr. Positive Brian is back!

striker said...

They canceled the strike b/c they knew you were going to change plane in FRA.