Tuesday, November 20, 2012

tuesdays in turkmenistan: mary!

The city, not a person. And pronounced more like Mah-Rhee. Regardless, I'm there right now sitting in the airport at 21:45 and tapping this out on my phone one thumb press at a time.

Several of us came here on a day trip for work.  Early morning flight, then a two hour drive, meetings all day, two hour drive back, and then the last flight back to Ashgabat. Sadly, no sightseeing or visits to historic sites could be arranged. And the scenery was rather bleak. Tough-love cotton fields amidst the encroaching sands of the desert seen through the scoured windows of a bus that lacked a strong enough heater.  There may not be snow but winter has arrived.

If I have done this correctly, you'll see what passes for proof that I am here in the Mary airport.

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