Saturday, April 25, 2009

dissed on Twitter

I cannot believe I got dissed on Twitter. By my own brother no less. But I suppose it's better than getting dissed by some moron who thinks pranking people is high art.

As for my own feelings on Twitter, I think this amusing video sums them up quite well. The best lines come early on:
"What are you doing"
"I'm twittering. Didn't you get my tweets? I just twotted (or twoted?) all over the place."
"What's twitter?"
"The latest social networking, micro-bloggy thingy."
"Not interested."
"Damnit Derek! You are young, hip, tech-savvy twenty-something and I will not let you turn into my father."

That and the very final line of the video. Well, I guess it's actually the second to last line if you count an exasperated sigh as a line. Epic.

I am somewhat amused because my father is arguably more tech-savvy than myself. He of the ebay account and more computers assembled than I will likely ever own. (I'm hoping the computers I own last a long time.) Of course, I have this blog that goes off into the intertubes so I cannot be too critical of Twitter, which is just blogging on a small scale.

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