Wednesday, June 24, 2009

rental car history

For no particular reason, a breif recap of all the rental cars I can remember driving:
Ford Focus
Chrysler Sebring
Ford Fiesta
Chrysler PT Cruiser
E-series Ford - This was a U-Haul van that got an epic 8 mpg during my trip.
Toyota Prius
Sabaru Outback
Nissan Altima
Dodage Dakota
Chevy Cobalt

And some of the vehicles I have driven at work:
Ford Crown Victoria
Chevy 1500
VW Passat
Skoda Octavio
Nissan Pathfinder


buickguy said...

Upscale missing, no?

Brian said...

Of course. Why splurge on a rental. You can get a lot of performance from a cheap car if you really want to.

The rental list is also the approximate order in which I have driven the rental cars.