Friday, January 01, 2010

airport security, not making me feel safer

For my flight yesterday, I had a chance to go through the new and imporved airport security screen process. I am not impressed. (Pretend to be surprised.) Oh, sure, there was a half-assed check of my carry-on bag, but no one criticised the dangerously sharp pencil I had. I even got a personal pat don (like everyone else), but unless someone is going to fondle my junk, how do they know what I'm really packing. The terrorists might learn to recruit drag-kings and build bombs that look like a frank and beans.

I'm giving a shout out. Happy New Year.

Now back to your regular scheduled program.

Take this quote from Bruce Schneier, security expert:
I wish that, just once, some terrorist would try something that you can only foil by upgrading the passengers to first class and giving them free drinks.

We could always try this.


sniffsniff said...

Dogs. Come to think of it, it will also create a dog handler or dog police union!

Anonymous said...

Tweet is for the birds. Where is the person who is so perceptive and insightful? Miss your good writing.