Monday, March 22, 2010

on non-hiatus

I do this thing whenever I'm home where I don't really blog because, this is mostly for people back home to see what I'm up to so why blog when I am here in front of them. But that's a half-truth since I can't see everyone and I don't actually write about everything I do and see in my travels to wherever land. That latter part became even more apparent to me when a super commenter called me out on my lack of local cultural absorption and alleged that I was a "typical American." Well, I guess the commenter never made it to the final paragraph of this post that was written shortly after my arrival in Hungary. Such is life, but it is inspiring me to collect my thoughts and write about some of the things I will remember fondly about Hungary and Szeged in particular.

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The non-super, merely commenter said...

Dear Brian

Let’s start by saying that controversy to your blog added spice on your monochromatic audience, which I suppose is the purpose or at least the plus of what a blog (an interesting one that is) should be.
Of course I read that part, and as I mentioned before I read all the part on Hungary and my statements are solid based. Since you are a smart person (despite being typical American), I think you like the challenge and more constructive (or maybe destructive) comments other than the dull and yes typical American “You, go Brian!”

Culture absorption – I guess going beyond the mere perceptions of your surroundings (as your link evidences), there are little things that say much more than the readily apparent (wikipediable) cultural characteristics. The music you hear for example, although not totally bad they are still musically mass digestible. Did you listen to Kodaly or the very well known Bartok or if contemporary music is not your cup of tea did you find some folk/rock musician (you don’t need to understand the lyrics to understand the music). You were in Szeged right? Was there a special/unique cultural characteristic (museum/performance/tradition/architecture/group of people/so on)? Besides the evident peculiarities of the language, business characteristics, cuisine stated There is well….

About the money issue – I don’t say to be money driven is good or bad, but if you are there is nothing wrong on not denying it. Wasn’t Quicken the final detonator for Mac disapproval?

I will end this comment by saying that your blog has value and that’s why I am reading, and deny me if I am wrong but out of controversy comes higher self knowledge.

So I’ll see you on the dark side of the web.

Truly yours (well, possibly cheers, regards or something on those lines would be more appropriate).

The non-super, but merely commenter

P.S. Maybe the person that told you, that you were not the typical American was just simple and not really relevant? - maybe just maybe…