Sunday, April 18, 2010

offshore training is pretty sweet

Last week, I was sent to do some offshore training as this is my first location that does offshore work and there was a client request (read: insistence) that I be present on location during the jobs. It was fun. Perhaps the classroom sections were a bit droll at times since I've gone through basic first aid and CPR before but there was plenty of worthwhie information in sea survival. However, the best day was Thursday when we spent the morning fighting fires and the afternoon in the water (a pool not the actual ocean).

Yes, we got to use real bona fide fire extinguishers in training. I think it's the first time I've ever actually used a fire extinguisher. It's as much fun as you would imagine assuming your imagination works like mine. Though the fun-ness is undoubtesly increased by the knowledge that they are controlled fires and can be contained quite quickly. We also got to stumble through a dark shipping container trying to find the exit in simulated smoke. Well, the smoke was not simulated. It was real, though it was alleged to be the same non-toxic kind as nightclub smoke machine smoke though the concentration was ratcheted up by several levels.

The afternoon was spent in a pool going through the basics of surviving in the water, staying warm, helping an injured person, preserving your energy, how to climb into a life raft (not that easy on these type sof rafts), how to get out, how to right the raft if it inflated upside down for some reason, and the icing on the cake was escaping from a mock helicopter while upside down in the water. Yes, it's as much fun as it sounds depending on your idea of fun.

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