Friday, May 21, 2010

i'm on a plane!

More accurately, I was on a plane. The not-so-top secret company charter that works it's way up and down the West African coast from Angola to Nigeria and back down again (but not in the same day). I could be wrong about where it starts and stops since I've never flown the entire length of the charter route. It's a 30-passenger Embraer 120 complete with drink service. A definite step up from the Beechcraft 1900 that flew out of Farmington.


mere said...

I believe we took this one from CDG to ZAG: ERJ-135

A long bus ride from 2E to the corner of CDG. It took 2 hours to arrive in Zagreb. Two seats on one side and one seat on the other. It may have 50 seats. No overhead compartment.

mere said...

This is the one, not the 135. It should be 145, come to think of it because there were about 50 passengers and it was full when we flew.