Monday, September 13, 2010

beach availability

It's sort of a goofy thing, but much like how I was never into going to the touristy parts of San Francisco while growing up, I also never really went to the beach a whole lot either. I reckon I've been to the beach more times in the last year (gotta count the cruise along with Port Gentil) more times than the 10 years before that. Perhaps this is driven by the only somewhat gloomy fact that there's not a whole lot to do here other than go to the beach (and work of course), but it is a nice beach. Actually, it's a couple different beaches, so really, it's like there's more than one place to go.


buickguy said...

Ah. So life's a beach there in Gabon? Nice.

Scott said...

Also, where you grew up, the beaches were freezing cold year-round.

Brian said...

Life's not a beach. But as far as recreation goes, lying on the beach is a much needed way to decompress from work. And yes, coastal mid-Californian waters are rather cold.