Tuesday, November 02, 2010

world series election

I continue to marvel how little I seem to care about many current events in the US. Hey, the Giants won the World Series. That's fantastic. My life is somehow not deeply impacted. Today is election day. While there are many compelling ballot measures in California and it seems we are headed for a serious political reversal which, given the current state of rhetoric, is likely going to be deeply sucky for America, I really cannot be bothered to care all that much. I think a lot of that apathy is the insulation I have from the challenges and problems that most people have, especially in the rather middling economic climate that the US (and much of the world) is in.

I am insulated because:
1) I do not live in the States at the moment.
2) I have a job which keeps me very busy.
These factors in combination with not watching American news and instead only getting it from the internet keeps me away from the endless political ads, talk show yammering, and the Ford Truck Month commercials.


buickguy said...

I'd like to say you are missing a lot back here, but I think the election will produce two years of politcal sideways movement and no changes of course. Maybe this will be bad, maybe not. What might well be bad is the slow, slow rate of re-employment coming out of the Big Recession. Regardless, you can catch up on all the news that's fit to print in just a couple of stateside days. Mid-December?

Brian said...

I'm not sure the country can accept two years of sideways movement, especially for what passes for sideways movement these days:
* TSA grope-fests (if you're wondering why Congress puts up with it, it's because they can usually bypass security screenings, even when flying commercially)
* internet censorship and kill-switch discussions
* useless or nonexistent financial regulation
* campaign finance free-for-all including foreign contributions
* etc etc etc

Scott said...

but without Ford Truck Month commercials, how will you know if you're a Ford Truck Man like Jesus?

Brian said...

I'm pretty sure Jesus drives a Honda Ridgeline.