Tuesday, June 07, 2011

prelude to a real post: fracking as a word

I strongly dislike the term "fracking" that is used by the media and casually int he oil and gas industry to refer to "hydraulic fracturing". A common short form within the industry is to simply say and write "frac" with the word pronounced as if it ended with a "k" when there is of course no "k" in the word fracturing. However, a word pronounced (and inevitably spelled) like "fracking" is what often ends up in print. I understand why they can't just type "fracing" because then people would pronounce it as it rhymed with racing. Also, "fraccing" would be just as silly. Nonetheless, since no one ever writes "frack", the use of "fracking" leads to much distress for me. Why is "hydraulic fracturing" almost never written out or even just "fracturing"? I have no idea and it is quite bothersome since I find "fracking" as a word so objectionable, perhaps because of the "k" or simply because it is aesthetically displeasing or it might be because it is a stupid word. In the end, words come into being through use and it seems like "fracking" has made it's way into the lexicon.

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nofracking said...

Get use to it.