Thursday, August 04, 2011

back next week

Barring a change in my flight plans, I will be landing at SFO next Wednesday and should be around for about three weeks, though I do not have a return date at the moment. With that said, what's going on in the Bay Area? I've also been noodling around with the idea of trying to go by the greater Los Angeles and possibly San Diego area before August 20th. And then there's that thing the weekend after that with that guy who is going to do that other thing a couple months from now. You either know what I'm talking about or not. (Hint: It may involve poor fiscal decisions.)

Rotation is going to be wicked awesome. Oh wait, wrong regional phrase. I meant hella cool.


Buickguy said...

Kool, man. Kool.

woohoo said...

How and when do you do what thing with what guy to do what in where and why do you need to do it when you know who is in this thing?