Sunday, January 22, 2012

frankfurt airport

Back in my home away from home (Ashgabat staff house) away from home (Balkanabat camp) away from home (California, more or less), I'm in Frankfurt airport, where I might spend more time here, and certainly see more people than anywhere else I regularly go. I don't have much to say but have a few minutes to spend watching a giant circular BAYER sign slowly rotate. If you happen to pass through terminal B here, you'll know exactly which sign I am talking about.

I always find it most curious just how many Lufthansa 747s I am able to see each time I am here. Without trying particularly hard, I already saw seven distinctly different 747s which is quite a few since they only have about 20 in their entire fleet. One time, I definitively saw nine and it might have been ten, but as one plane had just landed and I might have later double-counted it on the taxiway. I just sort of figured that at any given moment, since they are such long-haul planes, most of them would be in the air or at another airport. When you think about how many different planes are required to continuously service a daily route like FRA-SFO, then it just seems peculiar how many happen to be here. However, it could just be a matter of timing during the day and I happen to be here during the few hours that many are being turned around at the same time.

Anyway, time to go. By the time I land in "the best -stan" (which would be an excellent tourism slogan) and get to the staff house in Ashgabat, the Patriots-Ravens game should be nearly over and Niners-Giants will be a couple hours from starting. Alas, I am quite certain that I will not find the game on television. Plus, since it will be 2AM, I'll need to sleep anyway.

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