Sunday, March 11, 2012

a new laptop

I've been migrating over to a new laptop at work. The 4+ year old Dell D630 has given way to a new Dell E6420. Yes, the numbering is sort of silly, but it hardly matters. In the end, I'm now on Windows 7, have more RAM, and significantly more HDD space so at least I'm no longer bumping against the somewhat self-imposed free space limit I like to always maintain. The downside is that migration took nearly all of my Friday including the night and even well past midnight as I had to decrypt files, transfer files, re-install all in-house software, update security settings, migrate e-mail (including precious archive files), find printer/scanner drivers, and redo system settings to my liking. I still don't have several programs configured the way I would like, but I think I'm at a level that is passable for now. It irks me to not be "system ready" which is why I stayed up so late on Friday trying to get everything done in one night. The main quirk that this laptop has is a non-US keyboard. It's not the English/Russian keyboard, but it is not standard to the U.S. because I have strange pound and Euro symbol keys that led them to move the "@" and "#" keys which in turn led to a shift of the "Enter/Return" keys, that moved the backslash key to the left side which ultimately meant a half-size left-side "shift" key. Through years of non-standard typing, I only ever use the left-side shift key so for it to be half-size is quite annoying. Chalk it up as a first-world problem.

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