Wednesday, October 10, 2012

a brief follow-up from yesterday

Perhaps you are wondering why I have chased this missing bag from yesterday so doggedly. It's not my bag. In fact, the guy is not even a colleague. And it's definitely not my job. We have a travel department here. Perhaps they should be doing this? Well, there's a lot of that "not my job" attitude here that I don't like. The fact that this is not my job is not the point. It's simply a decent thing to try and do for someone. The guy hasn't been in a position to do this himself since he's been traveling within Kazakhstan as well. He's been without his bag now 3+ weeks and I feel for him. It's a generally crappy situation all the way around and I have a suitably obsessive personality for this sort of thing. At this point, with the time invested thus far, now I have to see this to the end. It has become a mission that must be completed.

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