Monday, July 01, 2013

a June wash

Whelp, June has become a wash of no posts. This issue with the censorship and needing to do some VPN hoop-jumping has deeply dampened my interest in writing. I end up with all these ideas and then go to this page and of course it is blocked. I really need to be writing posts offline and then doing the hoop-jumping at a more convenient time. The problem is compounded by two other things. First, I was home part of June and I oddly don't blog much while home. It's a mix of being busy with more interesting things and simply from being incredibly tired. Finding energy while home is never easy since the work never quite goes away and is always there in the back of my mind. This brings me to the second item which is work itself. I am busy. Perhaps not in a way that translate to lots of revenue for the company, but it feels like I am much busier at work than I used to be. Things are always in transition, but this is more transition-y than usual and I feel like I'm running hard just to stay in place.

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