Thursday, July 16, 2009

more flying anecdotes

Dysfunctional boarding seems to be a Continental Europe problem. My Delta flight today went something like this: board business class, then total free for all.

And, for the first time that I can remember, some (but not all - this is important) of the passengers applauded when we landed at JFK. Why? I suppose general gratitude but it was not a turbulent or unusual flight. The clapping seemed to be mostly coming from Hungarians.

JFK probably wishes it could have a do over with the way it is laid out.

We landed early so our gate was occupied so they had us disembark on the tarmac onto "people movers." When they said that, I thought, how amusing it would be to have those horizontal escalators going all the way across the tarmac. Then I thought, why not just call them buses. Ah, they had their reasons. When I saw these vehicles, they were definitely not buses.

I am sitting right next to a help desk where most of the people coming need to pick-up unaccompanied minors. People get very tense about this. Listen, you (apparently) only get to send one person to pick up the child or children. It does not matter how many minors you need to get, only one person can go. That's it. Don't yell at the JetBlue lady. You can take it up with TSA because those are their rules.

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