Thursday, December 24, 2009

snow is all gone

Last weekend, it snowed and then got very cold. All in all, probably not even 10 cm (4 in for you Imperial folks) fell Friday and Saturday. By Sunday morning, the snow had ceased and the temperature was falling. By Monday, when I started the car, it registered 1.5 °C in the garage. (I get to park in the garage underneath my apartment building, which is a big bonus on weeks like this one.) After a few minutes of driving on the way to work, it was reading -12.5 °C. And today, it's bounced all the way back to 14 °C at the same time in the morning. Combined with yesterday's rain, there's basically no snow left. White Christmas is gone.


saintnique said...

Wow, you have a garage in your apartment!

Santa has left the building and will land on the top of your apartment soon. Keep the garage door open, he may come thru your garage.

Merry Christmas.

24th December 2009

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