Monday, July 05, 2010

3 months - driving, haircut

I have not driven a car (or similar vehicle) in 3+ months. I last drove when I was in the US and have not drivne since. I will soon be driving once again as my IDP finally showed up, but it has been a while. In theory, I should have been driving many weeks ago. I was set to go in Congo because my local license was finally ready about 1.5 months ago, but then I came to Gabon the first time. While here, I could not drive without an international driver's permit/license (which is really a ridiculous scam since it's just a translation of your existing license). Once here, I could do nothing because I had to get an IDP (as we cannot get a local license without a residence card which is not easily obtained) and needed my checkbook which was back in Congo so I had to wait to get back there and send in the paperwork. And then wait. Apparently, spending nearly $30 in postage enables an envelope (not even a package) to arrive from the US in two full weeks. Nice.

Up until last weekend, I had also not gotten a haircut since I left the States. It was starting to get a bit shaggy and unacceptable (or had been for quite some time). Now, I have faster, more efficient hair. Glorious.

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Anonymous said...

Do you have a picture before and a picture after your haircut? Do you have your hair styled like Lang Lang, the pianist?