Monday, July 12, 2010

beach and world cup finals

Yesterday was a continuation of Saturday's sublime dinner by the water. I put in a piddly couple hours of work in the morning and then went with colleagues to the beach. The sand there was so soft. It even squeaked a little in some places. The water was actually not that warm, but still good to splash about for a bit. We ate, always with some more fish before returning back to town. Then, World Cup finals time. Our country manager has been hosting viewing parties for several of the games. He has a nice outdoor setup, gets some catered food and it's generally a great time.

The entire World Cup has been an interesting spectacle to watch from, not just outside the US, but also within Africa. There was a definite sense of African solidarity with people from all over the continent rooting for Ghana when they were the only African squad to make it to the elimination rounds. On average, people are simply more passionate about the sport here than in the States. For the record, vuvuzelas are even more annoying in person.

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