Sunday, January 30, 2011

cannot defragment

I have a file which I cannot defragment. It is a large Outlook data file that stubbornly refuses to defrag even though I have about three times the free space on that disk as the file size. The other issue I have with the file is that in Outlook, it says it is a certain size, but when looking at it in a folder, it is twice that size. I believe there is excess space in the file, but I have already compacted the file several times and seem to have reached a limit. Based on similar archive files, I am inclined to believe the size in Outlook is accurate, not the window size.

Any pointers for how to further compact my file and also why it will not move during defrag? I think if I can get it smaller, then it might just move. Or not.


buickguy said...

I presume you are speaking of the pst file. The first thing to do is back up this file, preferably outside of your main hard drive. then copy the pst file to a flash drive and defrag the flash drive. If it defrags -- unlikely -- then you can try it out by copying back to the original location to ensure all is well. Or you could just go out and have a beer on the beach.

pastor said...

I would deflock from any file!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Brian said...

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