Thursday, March 17, 2011


I have a pseudo-doppelganger at work. By "at work" I mean one of the 100,000+ people who also work for the same publicly traded company as myself. And by "pseudo-doppelganger" I mean he shares both my first and last name (but not my middle name) though he looks nothing like me unless I have become a middle-aged white guy. This does explain why I have been receiving rather odd e-mails from what the directory has shown to be one of his colleagues. This entry is pointless.


buickguy said...

Yep. You have a thing about doppelgangers. Merry hunting.

ivy said...

happens to me all the time. i get random emails directed to other "ivy chens" - the sex-ed teacher at sfsu, the mit student, the hong kong textile professional, the canadian mom. some of these emails are pretty funny. :)