Monday, September 19, 2011

the weekly

I rather like the concept of what I have now dubbed "Tuesdays in Turkmenistan". I was able to keep up with it for my first 8 weeks here back in June/July, and it's going well so far this time around. As for tomorrow's entry, have no fear as it is already written! And to think I could have been doing this in my previous locations with snappy names like "Gabbing in Gabon" and "Contemplations in Congo" and "H-something in Hungary". It is some structure, albeit self-imposed, to keep me honest about blogging.

I have had occasion (and time) to cull through some semi-recent e-mails and read, sort, and reply to them as needed. I go through these phases as noted a year-and-a-half ago when I went through a similar e-mail push. It is something I certainly need to work on and finish. I have made it back to around the time of my brother's wedding two years ago, which means many more e-mails even older than that await sorting. I bring up that time because that's the time I fell off the blogging horse for a month. The archives are deceptive since I back-dated some entries, but I went AWOL on the blog, e-mail, everything for around a month back then and it was simply unacceptable for me to so blatantly ignore contact with everyone. I'm back on the horse and will be much more committed to the blog and e-mails. Rotation and being home in April/May and again in August made it very clear to me that I cannot ignore, squander, and let relationships with people I care about languish while I distract myself with frequent flyer miles.

I'll be pushing out the weekly, well, every week while I am on duty. During days off, it will probably not be so forthcoming, especially since it will not fit my Tuesdays in Turkmenistan title if I am not actually in Turkmenistan. Presumably, I will be seeing some of you in person if I am not here. Otherwise, for you readers who I do not know in real life, well, I can visit you too if I'm ever in your part of the world, wherever that might be.


Buickguy said...

The Weekly: a darn fine idea. I wonder where the idea came from?

rattattat said...

Hammering in Hungary. Taunting in Turkmenistan. Just to name a few.