Tuesday, December 20, 2011

tuesdays in turkmenistan: the holidays

With the coming holidays, basically Christmas and New Year's Day, a disproportionate number of expats in the camp have headed out or will soon be away for days off. I am here at least another 10 days and possibly clear into January. I try not to engage in the whole countdown thing that some expats do when their days off approach since schedules invariably change in this business and it only sets you up for disappointment. Either I leave on a given day or I stay. There's no use getting psyched up for a flight that could be nixed because of some version of client need.

Nonetheless, there is a bit of Christmas cheer around the camp with a few decorations in the office, and trees up in the rec room, office, and canteen. There are even some lights and ornaments on an evergreen outside the canteen. A sprinkle of snow and this would be paradise. Right now, we're getting a sprinkle of sand storm: day 2. Of course, some aren't so enamored with the camp. One of the locals temporarily in the camp called it "Guantanamo" and can't wait to get his own place in town. But hey, at least the food is better than that "indefinite detention center" or I assume it's better. I hope it's better?

The "holiday" party will be on Saturday. I cannot wait to see if it takes the same course as some of the classics from my time in New Mexico. And by that, I of course mean that I wonder how much everyone will drink.

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