Thursday, July 12, 2012

thursdays in turkmenistan: back in the box, again

And, I'm back in the "box", my slightly affectionate name for the camp here in Balkanabat. It appears that everything is still here. Office? Yes. Room? Yes. Dust? Yes. Heat? Double yes. It was 35 degC when I landed in Ashgabat last night around midnight. The airport in Balkanabat hs a bunch of rectangular concrete "tiles" that are a few square meters each with this rubber filling between them. I am not sure if this is to deal with the temperature extremes of the very hot summers and the very cold winters to give everythign room to expand and contract or if this is some particular construction method. Anyway, in the summer, I like to step on the black rubber filling between the cocnrete blocks because it is very soft and squishy. It is fun for an overgrown man-child like myself. Much like being here to begin with. This peculiar mix of work, summer camp, and exile.

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