Tuesday, July 24, 2012

tuesdays in turkmenistan: a most tiring flight

I've come to Ashgabat for a couple days. Business-related of course as it is far too soon after coming back here to be going on days off. There is something oddly exhausting about that 45 minute flight from from Balkanabat. Perhaps it is because about half the time I take it, I am headed for days off so I have mentally conditioned myself to associate the flight with rest and a sense of departure. I am pooped, just downright pooped at the moment. There's no particular reason to feel so fatigued, but mid-day flights always put me out of sorts. During the day, I get up and walk around rather often. It helps me stretch my legs and let's me regain mental focus. For this flight, it is a bunch of sitting. Sitting in the airport waiting for the flight. Sitting in the plane. Sitting in the car ride from the Ashgabat airport to the office. It's a bunch of sitting still with nowhere to go and no way to really move about. All that sitting is exhausting!

Alas, I am in Ashgabat now, already gaining new insights into this place. For sure next week will have some more intriguing ideas.

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