Tuesday, April 30, 2013

tuesdays in turkmenistan: VPN

And I'm back and in Turkmenistan brought to you courtesy of the magic of VPN. However, I'm still at a total loss for writing topics. Fortunately, my good friend went on a bit of a horse riding adventure and took quite a tumble two days ago. Unsurprisingly, no one here has heard about the spontaneous dismount from the noble steed.

The censorship here is a peculiar thing. They block entire domains at a time, but not necessarily the mobile app versions of those same services. For instance, while Blogger on the web is normally blocked, the Blogger app works. Same goes for Twitter where the app works (but will not load pictures), but the website is blocked. There are some apps that are blocked, though only ones that can be used for chatting or have a heavy chatting component are blocked. It is a continuously evolving process. Program you use to chat with friends is blocked? Everyone migrates to something else until the censors catch on and block it as well. And repeat.

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foxymoxy said...

Those riders who rode pass him should be arrested and punished. How disrespectful was that for not stopping and turned around to help our GREAT LEADER.