Saturday, January 25, 2014

well, that fizzled out

I was genuinely eager to return to blogging upon my arrival to Russia. And then I had some trip delays getting out here and ended up stuck in Moscow a couple extra days. Then arrived here in the midst of holidays and several different personnel moves. And now I have settled into a routine at work that does not involve writing. Well, it involves plenty of writing, mostly of e-mails, but not of blogging in this space. And those are all excuses. Lame excuses at that. At the very least, I can console myself with the knowledge that I have spent my time on other tasks which mostly fall under the category of what I call "life maintenance". Thing like getting the new apartment up to snuff with light bulbs (so many light bulbs, to be explained another day), cleaning, and the purchasing of housewares and linens. I know, downright domestic. Plus, a fair bit of reading as I have been cruising through the very good Hyperion Cantos series by Dan Simmons. And those are yet more excuses, albeit slightly less lame.

Thus, here we are. The weather report today is moderately sunny during the day which made the daytime high of -11 degC seem more palatable. I ride a desk so it doesn't really matter and am generally outside all of 30 minutes a day, most of which is spent walking between my apartment and the bus stop. And blah blah blah and other useless drivel. You didn't come here for daily minutiae, though perhaps why else would you (family excluded of course) be reading some random person's blog. Time to start tapping and typing away.


Buickguy said...

Sounds like you titled this blog about three-quarters of the way through writing it. Perhaps after you ran out of things to say? Sure not.

Brian said...

Well, I figured that was enough typing and tapping for one day.