Saturday, October 31, 2009

halloween - not the same here

Halloween here is not exactly like it is in the States. In fact, the costumed, candied tomfoolery that is American Halloween is essentially nonexistent. Tomorrow is of course (is it obvious?) All Saints day, and is on a Sunday so perhaps there will be a bit more church-y things afoot, but I suspect I will remain uninformed.

A secondary effect of this is that there are already Christmas themed items in the stores. And there are no Thanksgivings displays either.


Anonymous said...

Thanksgiving is the American thing. All Saints day is a big thing in Europe. Go to church and see what happens. Just a good experience. You always can learn something new from observation.

When we were in Zagreb at the end of October, the outdoor market we visited looked like a sea of flowers

There will be lots and lots of flowers and plants for sale everywhere. Go to the out door markets and enjoys all those beautiful flowers.

Anonymous said...

The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain.