Monday, October 05, 2009


I'm having trouble being productive at work. It feels like a combination of the usual suspects: general fatigue mixed with some frustration with the nature of the universe (or maybe just the nature of business here in Hungary and the social dynamics at the base) and all interlaced with several semi-long-term items from the past that keep lingering and I cannot quite shake them.

Mysteries (aka: problems) fascinate me. I'm not good at letting go of them and I can be obsessive at times so my attention often lingers and my thoughts turn on things from the past that I have no control over. Things that I should leave well alone and move on from, but the mystery or frustration persists. Or worst of all, anything that didn't go well is scrutinized, often with far fewer answers than I find satisfactory.


buickguy said...

H-m-m-m. This tendency may be hereditary, which is not a good thing. Overcome with practice, lots of practice.

Anonymous said...

You cannot be a perfectionist all the time. There are times to let go, and time to say "screw you." Sometime "good enough" may be the key word. Then it will never be "good enough" for you.