Monday, November 23, 2009

facebook - slowly

I logged into Facebook for the first time in more than a month. I approved some friend requests. I continued to ignore others. While I haven't outright rejected any requests, I have left many in a state of limbo while I try to decide if I a) was ever their friend and b) was enough of a friend to want to maintain some distant voyeuristic link with them. For people who want to keep tabs on me, that's what this blog is for (assuming people know of its existence which is largely unpublicized except for that one skywriting message). There is also a general correlation with me looking at Facebook and how often I check my gmail and how often I blog. Basically, I have now reached the point where I might go more than a week without checking gmail (and not on vacation), which in a previous existence may have seemed impossible, but such is my lifestyle now.

Friend approval is serious and I dislike that some people flippantly stack up friends like firewood (for those of you who actually know what that's like). I don't want to have 1000 friends. Frankly, the number of people who I consider myself 'close' to in any sense of the word is probably around a dozen. The number I can strike up a familial conversation with is much larger and encompasses the concept of people who could be 'friends' in Facebook, but it's not really the same thing either.

Perhaps what I am really saying is if I haven't approved your friend request, it's not personal, sort of, though I suppose it's not business either, so perhaps it is personal. Nonetheless, I assume you're not losing sleep over it which in turn is helping me not lose sleep over it either. Though frankly, I have more important things to not lose sleep over than Facebook friends.

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shorzalove said...

I would really appreciate it if you got a twitter account. You could also post links to your blog and I could hear about when you go grocery shopping or maybe step on some gum or observe a coworker acting oddly.

Limitless possibilities.

I intend to post more absurdities as I encounter them.