Sunday, November 22, 2009


At work, I've been more or less without a fully functional computer for the last two weeks. Since getting dragged down by viruses and then limping about two weeks ago, the IT guys went with the nuclear option of re-imaging my computer a week ago. That basically consists of pulling the hard drive so they can copy the files to another hard drive, then reinstalling everything. But for IT, "everything" is only the base system. It meant another full day after I got it of reinstalling programs I use daily at work, redoing settings, etc. And then, the video card (maybe, but it still is not displaying properly when hooked to separate monitor) crapped out two days ago. Tragically, the weekend means the outsourced IT guys don't work and there's no explicit spare computer at the base so I'm stealing time on other peoples' laptops getting some limited form of work done. But now I have none of my old and even recent e-mails which I need to respond to and anything that didn't get pushed to the server is trapped in the machine.

Perhaps that is the single best advantage about the Macbook I have for personal use. Though Safari's desire to crash a couple times a week is a bit annoying, it's relative immunity to most viruses means less fussing about with regular scans.

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