Monday, February 15, 2010

nordic combined

For all of you watching the Winter Olympics, if you thought the biathlon was a strange sport, then you should look into the nordic combined. At least the biathlon has some reasonable basis to actual hunting with the idea of having to pursue an animal, then shoot. But nordic combined? When, praytell, did people ever jump off really big ramps and then go cross-country skiing?


Scott said...

I saw this event a couple days ago (yesterday? the days bleed together far too often) where it was a bunch of guys on alpine skis pushing themselves around on a flat repetitive track of snow.

And I thought to myself: "they took my absolute LEAST favorite thing about skiing (having to push yourself along flat ground), and somehow turned it into an olympic sport. What in the HELL would compel someone to compete in THIS aspect of skiing? ..."

Anonymous said...

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2 March 2010

Mike said...

Re Scott's Comment:
Nordic skiing is actually much easier with nordic skis than pushing yourself on flat ground with downhill skis. It doesn't have the excitement as downhill, but is the best way to get from pt. A to pt. B on snow (way better than snowshoes for the flat stuff, not including snowmobiles and other redneck-oriented vehicles).