Tuesday, July 13, 2010

client meeting

We had a recent service quality review meeting for Q2 with one of our clients. The purpose of these meetings is to, well, review the quality of the services we have been providing. For various reasons, I presented for my segment even though I only recently arrived. I just came to say that I was the "calm center of an ever-revolving universe" during the presentation. Despite numerous interruptions, finger waggings, and um, strongly worded opinions, I quite possibly showed more maturity than I ever have before at work. I was calm, patient, waited for others to finish speaking(!), poised, and humble. I'm actually really happy with the way the meeting went. Certainly not perfect, but let's call it as well as could have been expeceted. I've learned to better take my lumps, and there's always much to learn, but this is progress for me. There's a lot to do now to minimize the, um, strongly worded opinions at the next meeting, but we can get better.


buickguy said...

Good for you; very good progress.

Anonymous said...

Good boss never takes credit that belongs to his subordinates. He also takes full responsibility if something goes wrong and defends for the people who work for him. Smart clients would figure this out right away. Why would you take the “lumps” when you were not even there!!!

This tells a lot about both the people whom you work with and your clients.