Monday, July 05, 2010

missed reunion - those years went by fast

One my friends commented about how being at the reunion made it seem like he hadn't really done anything in the past 10 years. Au contraire. I beg to differ quite strongly. First, I'm pretty sure he wasn't too serious, but if he was, have a hug, you've done a lot in 10 years. Just because some of our former classmates married their high school sweethearts and have a kid or two doesn't mean that's the standard to hold oneself up against. How many good times have you known in ten years? How many excellent people have you met in your studies, travel, work and how many of them to you still know.

We're all doing our own thing. Yeah, perhaps fame and incredible fortune, aren't in all our grasps. Maybe you didn't invent 'It' or 'Ginger' (which turned out to be the Segway, but come on, how upset was everyone when the world's so-called greatest invention turned out to be a scooter?) but you're here, right now, living your life. I'll tell you this right now. We all have met people who at first blush, we think they're doing great and we envy them. Maybe they are doing well and that's good for them and I don't want to take anything away from them or what they have done. But they look at you and they also think the same thing. They are wondering about the things you have done and wishing they could have those experiences. We all go through that. It's the same tic inside all of us that makes people envy what the other person has. But guess what, you cannot have everything. We get our lives, one shot at it and that's it. We make our choices and reap the consequences, sometimes good, sometimes not. Playing the 'what if' game will never bring fulfillment. Living life can.

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