Thursday, April 30, 2009

haha and jaja

We have this chat program at work that's ostensibly for work. Of course, it helps facilitate getting in touch with certian people in other parts of the world or maybe just other parts of the office. However, there's always room for some humor and when I want to indicate amusement, I'll usually type 'haha' mostly because I have an irrational disliek of 'lol'. However, the Latin Americans at the office type 'jaja' which seemed strange at first but of course makes perfect sense.


buickguy said...

When did "LOL" move away from being "Lots of Luck"? When was I not looking? How long ago did this happen? How old am I anyway?

nien nien said...

ja, ja, kenne ich etwas Deutsches.

Brian said...

I think LOL started to mean "laughing out loud" circa 1996.