Thursday, November 17, 2011

the undercurrent

There was an undercurrent to my last post which was stated indirectly, but is important to understanding (and accepting!) that life is statistical in nature. The undercurrent is that there is no God. Within the context of the life is statistical concept, the belief in some guiding and influential higher power is inherently incompatible with the idea that life is statistical in nature. To believe in God is to believe that there is directed purpose for everything or at least some things. People can certainly take that position if they would like, but it will be one I cannot join them in. And depending on the level of fervor, it may be one I will work against them for holding.


Agnostic said...

If you had gone to church and attended Sunday Bible school, you wouldn't think this way. Blame it on your parents.

Buickguy said...

Of course, another way to look at the existance of God is that God directs nothing; all God did was to provide an opportunity. We do with that opportunity what we will.