Friday, October 01, 2010

dash 8-300 and an elephant

I took a nice little trip to a client office yesterday. By nice little trip, I mean, I flew there since they are the one client in Gabon that does not run their primary office out of Port Gentil. Transport was client-provided on a surprisingly large aircraft, a Dash 8-300. In the town, which only exists because of the client's long-term presence in the region, I saw an elephant. Woo hoo. Sadly, no camera as I had loaned it to a colleague who used it the prior day to take some photos of some of our equipment.


Anonymous said...

Didn't the airline show any inflight safety procedure like the ones below?


or delta

bushranger said...

Elephants come in herd. A lost elephant in the forest or it just showed up for you to see? Hope you will see more next time, not just elephants but other wild game animals.

primates or

waterfalls or