Sunday, October 10, 2010

not binary day

If today as October 10, 2010, often displayed as 10.10.10 is this alleged binary day, then what is tomorrow? Tomorrow is 10.11.10 or perhaps 11.10.10 for the European-heavy readership I have. Again, another 'binary' date, but it's not 'binary day' or whatever else people want to celebrate today as. In reality, it's just another day and so is today. Just another day. They are all days, with dates determined by a largely arbitrary calendar system. We didn't want to tell you this until you were older, but the dates are meaningless. They aren't special and unique snowflakes. They are really the same day.

Now I want to watch Fight Club. But I can't so I have to keep watching Terminator Salvation on the television. In fairness, it's better than watching the 'no power, no water' programming we had on Thursday night.

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Anonymous said...

Double Ten Day means a lot to the Chinese. NationalDay