Saturday, October 16, 2010

dylan ratigan is angry

Dylan Ratigan is angry. I remember him as the host on Fast Money, a show I will shamefully admit to having watched when I had my pseudo-TV when I lived in New Mexico. For those not in-the-know, Fast Money was one of the talking head CNBC shows that aired around the same time as Cramer's Mad Money. Fast Money was only less moronic with slightly better advice, but still just fluff disguised as wisdom. Anyway, Ratigan was the host of the show and he often seemed a bit embarrassed by the antics of the commentators on the panel. So it's nice to see him on his own show not sucking so badly.

In a mostly-unrelated note, if Ratigan ever had to be played by an actor in a movie, I would recommend Dominic West from The Wire. I just finished watching the first season (and I don't have any others) and it was awesome.

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