Saturday, January 01, 2011

and we're back to work

I haven't been one for celebrating holidays too enthusiastically for many years now. Perhaps the days all feel too arbitrary or work is too constant to make any day feel particularly special, but I'd rather work on holidays since it's quieter around the office anyway. Plus, around here, there's no real point to being in my apartment.

Reasonable management of my e-mails while away along with my day stuck in Paris two days ago has led to a pretty manageable situation upon my return. Even my office was painted so that's pretty swell. Of course, it was bad enough that employees were complaining about it for me but my argument was that the damaged section was behind me so I never had to look at it and thus did not care. It's sort of why I don't really care about what the taillights look like on a car I am driving or why I wait longer than I should between haircuts and shaves. I don't have to look, so I don't really care. Anyway, what I do care about (or at least pretend to care about), is that some things I expected to be done while I was away did not get done. Some very basic epic failness perhaps, but we're always beholden to the least competent person in the chain.

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